Eden’s Garden – A Night in the Garden Event


Quite a while ago, I met this great couple named Scott and Amanda Hedin. They become pregnant with identical twin girls and due to complications, the girls were born premature. Little did anyone know, they would embark on a long trip through the NICU. After 241 days, they lost one of their sweet little girls, named Eden. Although Eden was no longer here in the physical world, she remained in a lot people’s hearts. In realizing that Eden’s spirit was still living, Scott and Amanda formed a non-profit named Eden’s Garden to help other families who end up spending endless days and nights in the NICU. To create more of a buzz, they planned an event that would help raise money for those unfortunate families. They came to me and asked if I could help with their graphic design needs (save-the-dates, invites, brochures, posters, etc…). This was an easy answer for me. Of course I was going to do it! To make a long story short, I’ll fast forward to last Friday night. October 14th marked their 4th annual event and as of today, they’ve helped over 100 families!!!! I couldn’t be more thankful that Scott and Amanda asked me to help. It feels pretty amazing to be apart of something that helps out other people. If you have ever thought about donating your time or money, Eden’s Garden is just the place.

(Learn more about Eden’s story, here.)


Eden’s Garden 4th Annual Event: Save-the-Date


Eden’s Garden 4th Annual Event: Invitation (front & back)


Eden’s Garden 4th Annual Event: Invitation (inside)


Eden’s Garden 4th Annual Event: Brochure


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